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It’s easy to get excited when you see tons of hot, sexy girls naked in front of you who are looking for a sex date just like on I really can’t blame you for acting like Mr Bean. I really can’t judge you for losing your marbles. Most normal, red-blooded guys would do the same thing. You would see a guy who is otherwise totally in control of his life and of his faculties completely lose it when all these hot women get naked.

You have to understand for you to be forgiven you have to remember all the elements in what I just said. The chicks have to be naked and they have to be hot and they have to be sexy. It really doesn’t make much sense to freak out just because you see a naked woman. I mean the Internet is filled with naked women. There’s really no good reason why a self-respecting man should freak the fuck out just because he saw a chick who has no clothes on. All elements have to be present.

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